Linux Plumbers Conference 2013 Microconfs

ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference-ACPI/PM (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface/Power Management), PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) subsystems track will focus on current and future development of these areas. There is significant overlap between ACPI/PM and PCI so it makes sense to have an event covering them both.

Since this is “Plumbers” were particularly interested in topics concerning userspace (i.e. userspace interactions, drivers, …) but be warned that the majority of content discussed may have more focus on these subsystem's internals - it will depend on the responses we receive from the community. As always, this will be a great opportunity for developers to meet and collaborate.

Lead: Bjorn Helgaas


Much progress has been made upstreaming support for Android in the Linux kernel. During this Android microconference we'd like to continue working through the current Android patchset and plan for future patchsets. The hope is that we'll be able to start getting front of the problem.



Automotive engineers and open source developers are talking different languages. The former are experts in their domain, understand the requirements of their companies' products but, let's be honest, have frequently been drinking their own Kool-Aid and are encumbered by the industry's “not invented here syndrome.” The latter think the automotive engineers are crazy with their stuff and don't know jack about doing software right. Ok, that's a little polarizing but you get the idea.

Let's get the two groups together in workshops and talk shop and work on solutions for certain topics that are the most pressing. The Linux Plumbers 2013 Automotive Microconference track is focusing on the key challenges on the infotainment platform. That's where the most code in the car is and where the industry needs great solutions fast.

Lead: Daniel Wagner, Rudolf J Streif

Boot and Core OS

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Core OS track is focusing on everything that allows userspace to boot and to continue running. We want to focus on the most basic, central building blocks of our OSes: the stuff that sits on top the kernel and below the applications and glues everything together, more specifically: the init system, device management, system startup, initial ram disks, and everything else that is necessary to get userspace running and make sure it continues running.

Lead: Harald Hoyer, Kay Sievers, John Mehaffey


The Linux Plumbers 2013 Containers track is focusing on containers both in userspace and in the kernel.

Lead: Stéphane Graber, Kir Kolyshkin, Serge Hallyn, Pavel Emelianov

File and Storage Systems

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference-File and Storage Systems track focuses on technologies used in file and storage systems, starting with configuration, monitoring and management technologies and sessions on the traditional file and storage stack. The focus is on efforts that span multiple teams and areas of focus.

The structure will be similar to what was followed the previous years where this is not about listening to long presentations, rather framing a discussion with a few slides or just opening comments and then kicking off a broad discussion with participation by the attendees.

Lead: Ric Wheeler

Graphics and Display

The Linux kernel graphics and display subsystems have recently been at the center of deep scrutiny. From new framework proposals to support panels and encoders in embedded systems to the upcoming “battle of the display servers” between, Wayland and Mir, many developers have turned their attention to how Linux handles graphics and display hardware. The kernel needs to ensure more than ever that it offers adequate APIs that can support the needs of both desktop and embedded hardware.

The graphics and display microconference will gather DRM/KMS, FBDEV and V4L2 developers to discuss and agree on how to make the three subsystems evolve in a coordinated way and get ready for the next generation of both hardware and applications.

Lead: Laurent Pinchart, Jesse Barker


The Linux Plumbers 2013 LLVM Microconferences is focusing on increasing the use of LLVM related technologies surrounding Linux.

Speakers should cover topics which help the adoption of LLVM and clang for things like the Linux Kernel and for Android.

Over the past year there has been a lot of progress in patching LLVM and Clang in order to be able to compile the Linux kernel. Over the same time period progress was made on building both the Linux kernel and Android userspace. Clang is also now distributed as part of the Android NDK. We now need to get patches accepted to support the use of clang/LLVM to build the Linux Kernel and more of the Android code base.

This microconference will gather interested parties from the Linux kernel, LLVM, and Android communities to plan the most expedient way to get support for using Clang upstream.

Lead: Behan Webster

Network Virtualization

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference- Networking Virtualization track focuses on general Linux Network Virtualization and related technologies. Emphasis will be on emerging technologies around network virtualization and how they can be best integrated into the Linux networking stack.

Lead: Tom Herbert, Chris Wright


The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference - Scaling track focuses on scalability, both upwards and downwards as well as up and down the stack. There are quite a few active projects that are working to enhance performance and scalability both in the Linux kernel and in user-space projects. In fact, one of the purposes of this forum is for developers from different projects to meet and collaborate. After all, for the user to see good performance and scalability, all relevant projects must perform and scale well.

The structure will be similar to what was followed the previous years (2011 and 2012): about 30 minutes per subject with discussion.

Lead: dhaval

Secure Boot

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Secure Boot track is focusing on current and future development of supporting the UEFI Secure Boot specification across the Linux ecosystem.

The structure will be most likely be discussion oriented sessions on specific topics related to Secure Boot. Some topics may be fit better as a traditional presentation, however those should be limited in number.

Lead: Josh Boyer

Test uConf

This is a test uConf, please ignore.

Lead: Jes Sorensen


The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference-Virtualization track focuses on general Linux Virt and related technologies. There are quite a few active projects that encompass virtualization, and this forum will be available for developers to meet and collaborate.

Lead: Alex Williamson, Amit Shah, Anthony Liguori

PLEASE NOTE The Linux Plumbers Conference 2013 schedule is subject to changes at any time.